Pest Prevention and How To Kill Bed Bugs

What can you do to prevent any pests from entering your home or business? There are a few things you can do to make these areas less desirable and accessible to insects and rodents. Just like humans, pests need a food source, they need water and they need a shelter to call home. If we can ensure that we remove all of these than your chance of having an insect or rodent invasion will be reduced.

Follow these steps for prevention:

  • Fix any plumbing with leaks in it and remove any areas with stagnant water such as house plants with water trays.
  • Don't leave food unsealed around the home and ensure that you take out the garbage regularly.
  • Pet food and water dishes should be put away at night time.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices with caulking where you think pests could be entering your home.

Beg bugs are one of the most common insects we get bookings for. They are small insects, when mature are no more than 6mm long. Their flat, oval shaped appearance often tricks some into thinking they are either a type of cockroach or tick. They feed on human blood, which makes them difficult to ignore as well as especially bothersome. How to kill bed bugs and prevent further infestations is something that the professionals at Holey Moley are trained to do in an safe and timely manner.

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how to kill bed bugs

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