Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Types


If you’re the owners of any establishment that serves food to the public and have found a rodent or insect problem, call the experts at Holey Moley. By quickly addressing the problem in a safe and clean manner, our commercial pest control experts will ensure that your establishment is up to Canadian standards reducing the risk of any further impact on your establishment.


Pests can be lurking in hotels near the kitchen and food preparation areas where food safety is a concern, as well as common areas and guest rooms where traffic is high with different people coming and going. Trust the commercial pest control experts at Holey Moley to ensure that your business is free of pests, no matter how big the problem is!


Warehouses and other large storage/shipping facilities can have unique pest problems due to the fact that large doors are frequently left open which allows insects and rodents to enter. Holey Moley has professionals who use safe and effective deterrents that work to efficiently and effectively repel unwanted pests from your warehouse .

Strip Malls

Rodents and insects can easily ruin a customer's experience and affect business. Luckily Holey Moley is equipped to rid not only your business of pests, but we are also equipped to treat and rid stripmalls of unwanted critters so that customers and employees can enjoy a clean and safe environment once again.

Shopping Malls

Allthough pest problems in shopping malls may be seen by some other companies as a big problem, Holey Moley can handle it! Our trained and experienced staff will do a full site survey which will detail our findings and recommendations for treatment and prevention specific to the premises, after which we promptly get to work. Being thorough and having a proactive approach allows us to effectively remove any pest problems from shopping malls.

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants must remain clean and pest free in order to protect your products and meet health requirements. Holey Moley uses a variety of control measures, our team addresses immediate pests and develops long term prevention strategies. This ensures the quality, value and safety of your products, as well as your employees and the environment.

If you need assistance with pest services give us a call or CONTACT US. Holey Moley Pest Control Services provides total pest control for your business.

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